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    A bnormal Market Conditions – A market with a small number of buyers and sellers. The number of bids is low and will often lead to a greater spread or market fluctuates very quickly.

    Advisor – A program used to control a trading account.

    Applicable Rate – Applicable Interest Rate.

    Application to Open an Individual/Corporate Trading Account – Forms should be completed by the customers through access on the website.

    Ask – Broker's asking price is higher than the order price of the customer.

    Balance – The amount left in your account after subtracting your completed transactions, including the amount deposited in or withdrawn from your client account.

    Bar/Candle – A graphic representation of a graph of a software that displays the movement of a currency or commodity market, usually pre-configured in the default time periods, e.g. 1 minute, 1 Day, 1 week, etc.

    Base Currency – The currency in front of a currency pair.

    Bid – Price is lower than the customer's order, appear on the graph.

    Business Day – Any day from Monday to Friday, by server time.

    Chart – A graph showing the movements of currency pairs and commodities in different time periods.

    Client Terminal – Currency and commodity trading software which customers can download from the website of HoldingFx.

    Client Terminal Log-File - The files created by the transaction software, recording all customer requests and instructions.

    Company – HoldingFx is a financial investment company, acting as a global broker.

    Company News Webpage – News page on the website of HoldingFx. Always publish and update information on the world currency and commodity markets, aiming to help customers follow the evolution of the international financial market.

    Completed Transaction – Liquidity orders placed.

    Contract Specifications – Transaction rules, such as Spread, Lot Size, Initial Margin, etc.

    Currency of the Trading Account – The USD is used as a payment and settlement standard in market transactions and between customers and HoldingFx.

    Currency Pair – is the determination of the exchange rate between two currencies, of which the preceding currency is considered the reference currency, the next currency is considered to be a quotation currency.

    Customer – The customer who is contractual with HoldingFx.

    Customer Agreement – is an agreement between a customer and HoldingFx.

    Day Order – means orders which are automatically canceled at the end of a trading day.

    Equity – The amount of money currently available on the customer's chart at a time.

    Floating Profit/Loss – A profit or loss exists on the chart at a time when a customer has not ordered liquid order.

    Force Majeure Event – Events which do not follow the will of both the customer and HoldingFx, like war, terrorism, crime, natural disasters, etc.

    Free Margin – Is the amount of money in the customer's account, enough for the client to keep placing orders.

    Hedged Positions – is a situation in which the order is placed in the opposite direction with the same volume (sell and buy) that makes the customer cannot win or lose.

    If-Done Order – A pending order with an expected price, which can be buy or sell.

    Indicative Quote – means HoldingFx reserves the right to refuse or accept a customer order.

    Initial Margin – The amount of money required by HoldingFx so that customers can place orders.

    Instant Execution - A method that allows customers to make transactions at current market prices, which they see in Market Watch and without prior requests.

    Instruction – A request sent from the customer to the HoldingFx regarding the placement or liquidation of the order.

    Instrument – Currency pairs or commodities traded.

    Leverage – The leverage between the amount of funds in the account of the commodity and the volume of the order placed.

    Limit Order – Buy or sell pending orders.

    Long Position – Purchasing Order.

    Lot – The default standard volume on the currency and commodity trading floor.

    Lot Size/span> – The volume of currency and commodity transactions when placing orders.

    Mаrgin Level - The amount of money a Broker requires from a client to be able to hold orders when trading currencies and commodities.

    Market Opening – Time that market resumes after weekend, holiday, etc.

    Necessary Margin – The amount of money a broker requests a customer to be able to place orders of buying or selling currencies and commodities.

    Normal Market Conditions – Means the condition in which the market is moving normally, not so fast, with no gaps in the price of currency pairs and commodities.

    Open Position – A buy or sell order in currency and commodity transactions that remains unprofitable.

    Order – A customer's request with a broker to place a purchase or sell the currency and commodity order.

    Order Level/span> – The price of the order placed by the customer for currency and commodity transactions.

    Payment Instructions – Details of customers' deposit and withdrawal operations related to the client's trading account.

    Pending Order – A customer order with the expectation of the market moving in line with their judgment, in order to make a profit.

    Point / Pip – The lowest price that conventional default moves on the trading floor of currency and commodity pairs.

    Quote – Current conventional price when buying or selling currencies and commodities.

    Quote Currency – The second currency in the currency pair.

    Rate – The value of the prior currency in the currency pair.

    Server - HoldingFx's server software.

    Short Position – An order to sell a pair of money or commodity.

    Spread – The fee for trading a currency pair or commodity.

    Stop Out – Automatically liquidates customer orders when the amount of money left in the trading account is insufficient to maintain their order.

    Stop loss - means cut loss.

    Take Profit - Is profit taking.

    Trading Account - A trading account opened by a broker at the request of a client.

    Transaction – This is a recharge-withdrawal operation, paying the costs of the customer through their trading account with the broker.

    Transaction Size – The number of customer transactions in the purchase and sale of currencies and commodities.

    Trading Platform Time Zone – Trading hours on currency and commodity exchanges, opened and closed on trading days and market sessions, according to GMT.

    Written Notice - Any notice from HoldingFx sent to the customer via communication channels such as: