• Introducing Broker (IB)

    The goal of the White Label solution is to benefit partners who have direct cooperation with HoldingFx, especifically targeting banks, financial institutions, insurance funds and regulators. Currency from all over the world. We focus on providing personalized service to each customer to meet their exact needs. Each While Label will be tailored to each of our partners to give them the best opportunity to maximize their earning potential. Through the revenue review process, each White Label will be provided with a customized interface that will allow the partner to maintain and promote his company's brand without having to incur the cost of developing one without having to pay any cost developing his own transaction application.

    Advantage from the White Label Program

    Professional Technical Support: White Label Partners will be providing technical support services throughout the installation and setup of the transaction platform, as well as providing you with advice when problems arise.

    The partner will receive a 30% commission on the White Label service and may be considered for rise if success as a partner of HoldingFx.

    The initial investment cost is competitive.